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Medical Bed Head console

Last Updated: Friday April 4th,2014
Offer Expired: 1week
Certificate Required:  

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Digital Touch Romania

  • Romania
  • Contact Person: Marius Mihai
  • Telephone: 40-722-597758
  • Fax:
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Detailed Buying Lead Description

Horizontal bed head units that should contain the following:

- 1 direct light (reading light) + switch

- 1 indirect light + switch

- 1 or 2 220 v outlets

- 1 O2 nozzle

 - 1 compressed air nozzle


Optional 1 nurse call button


The dimension should be the minimum required for the installation of the above + 1 nurse call switch 8x8 cm.


Please suggest any other model that meets the criteria.

Escrow should be accepted.